Carlo Miravalle in Sicily: Etna and its wine

Carlo Miravalle in Sicily: Etna and its wine

Carlo Miravalle in Sicily: Etna and its wine

Good morning, everyone. Today I am in Sicily and specifically in the area of the volcano Etna. I imagine you are all familiar with this volcano, which is the highest and most active in Europe at an altitude of around 3300 metres.

I came here for two days to experience this unique area for the first time in my life, because it is thanks to the volcano – which we will see a second later – that an infinite variety of different terrains have formed even within a few hundred metres of each other.

Precisely because over the course of thousands and thousands of years, numerous lava flows have formed, thus producing a unique, mineral soil, different from each other. So truly a beautiful experience, the one I am having on a professional level, which I liked to send you to involve you in.

Basically, the main vines of Etna are Nerello Mascalese the Etna’s red grape variety and Carricante the white Etna’s grape variety, both are native vines here in Sicily.

To conclude, it is a relatively young vine-growing area, for the last 20-25 years this area has really been gaining a lot of importance also internationally, the whole area has a total production of about 6 million bottles, for about 1,200 hectares under vine.

It is an extraordinary place, if you have the chance to come. Look how beautiful it is, I send  my greetings to you while waiting for the next video.

Carlo Miravalle – Miravalle 1926