Miravalle 1926 at the Wine Paris – Vinexpo 2024

Miravalle 1926 at the Wine Paris – Vinexpo 2024

Miravalle 1926 at the Wine Paris – Vinexpo 2024

Wine Paris – Vinexpo 2024 held in Paris over the past few days and I have the pleasure of giving you my impressions of the fair.

It was a very interesting and active fair, with a huge increase in the number of exhibitors, now almost 4,000, with a very large Italian representation to which an entire pavilion was dedicated, but also a few other spaces scattered around the fair.

The general sentiment was positive, in spite of all the current problems in the sector, the drop in consumption, the attacks against wine consumption, the constantly growing trend of no and low alcohol, etc., and there was really an international atmosphere, with an impression of resilience and reaction to the adversities of the sector considering also all the international crises, the cost of money, inflation, etc.

With regard precisely to the hugely growing trend in the consumption of dealcoholised or low-alcohol products, it was impressive to see the spaces dedicated to these products. Even, in the Spirits section, there was a complete department of all alcohol-free products including not only wines, beverages and sparkling wines, but even liqueurs: Brandy, Cognac, Rum without alcohol…

It is indeed a pity that our Country is missing the opportunity to contribute to this world growth for ideological or partisan issues that it would be better, in these cases, to put aside in order to contribute as a nation and with team spirit to ride this trend that is no longer a mere trend but already represents a turnover of billions of euro.

I end this brief report truly with an optimism that must accompany us all in order to regain confidence and waiting the recovery of general consumption, hoping as well that all the world’s problems will slowly be resolved. I am of the opinion that with this tumultuous growth of Wine Paris, Prowein in Düsseldorf will lose importance, indeed dozens of companies have already informed me that they will no longer participate in the fair in Germany from next year. On the other hand, it is unthinkable that one could participate in two international fairs not even a month apart from each other.

I remain available for further details and information.

Carlo Miravalle, Miravalle 1926