Harvest: report Italy September 2020

Harvest: report Italy September 2020

Harvest: report Italy September 2020

The harvest in Italy began about 2/3 weeks ago with the early grapes (Pinot Bianco, Pinot Grigio and Chardonnay).

The quality is excellent, the degrees are good; the only variety that is a little poor in quantity is Pinot Grigio in Veneto region, which has already reached a price of around € 0,80 / litre EXW.

Currently, the total volume expected in Italy is about 47 million hectoliters, a slight decrease compared to 2019. However, there are important differences at the regional level, in the sense that a slightly higher quantity is expected in Northern Italy than last year, while in Southern Italy, and in particular between Puglia and Sicily, production is expected to drop by about 10% due to the bad flowering in May, the great dry heat of August and some diseases that have affected the vineyards.

As for prices, they are currently stable or slightly rising in Southern Italy, but only from next week we will enter the full harvest with Trebbiano grapes for white wines and Sangiovese for red wines.

Here in Piedmont an excellent harvest of Asti DOCG from 100% white Muscat grapes is expected.

The production surplus of the DOCG, which has the denomination of MPF of aromatic white muscat grapes and which is delivered at 0 ° C, refrigerated and filtered, should be quoted around € 0.50 / kg EXW, therefore, extremely competitive compared to last year.

We will keep you updated over the next few weeks.

Carlo Miravalle, Miravalle 1926