Wine Report 1 / 2020 – Situation Italy

Wine Report 1 / 2020 – Situation Italy

Wine Report 1 / 2020 – Situation Italy

Good morning, wishing you a great 2020 again, I am pleased to send you the first Wine Report for Italy for the New Year.

As usual, January and February, from the point of view of the liveliness of the market, are rather peaceful months. And this is also the case this year.Here in Italy the greatest concern is related to President Trump’s decision regarding possible American tariffs on Italian wine which, unlike French and Spanish wines, is not yet subject to these tariffs.
A final decision is expected in days on this commercial dispute that has nothing to do with the world of wine!


On a meteorological level, the month of January just ended was characterized by the almost total absence of rainfall, both snowy and rainy, but above all by temperatures, both minimum and maximum, well above the seasonal averages.
Practically no wave of frost occurred on the whole national territory.
This trend is starting to worry the agricultural world, fearful of an early vegetative development of the vine with consequent risk of spring frosts.


Overall, prices are stable or slightly and gradually decreasing.
On the occasion of the year-end festivities, sales of Spumante were very important, in particular again for Prosecco which continues its unstoppable run.
It seems very likely, with the advent of the next harvest, the birth of Prosecco Rosé, based mainly on Pinot Noir.
We will continue to update you periodically on the progress of the Italian wine market and I am at your disposal for specific questions, projects and initiatives to be carried out together with you.

Your growth is our growth!
Best greetings, Carlo Miravalle
Miravalle 1926, import-export wine agency – wine brokers