Italy Wine Report October 2020

Italy Wine Report October 2020

Italy Wine Report October 2020

The quality level of the new wines, both white and red, will be of a very high standard.
Except for rare areas affected by some spring diseases, in all our regions we find red wines with great potential and good color, suitable for a long evolution.
Here in Piedmont, too, the Nebbiolo grapes for Barolo prefigure extraordinary wines of truly high quality.

The general alcohol content is also average, without excessive peaks as found in the last years.


Unlike what was officially communicated in September by the Assoenologi and ISMEA associations, in the last 5-6 weeks, once the harvest got to the heart  throughout Italy, the surprise found everywhere was that the weight of the must is lower than average, consequently the final quantity of wine will certainly be lower than forecasts.
This occurred mainly in Veneto (which will no longer have the low prices of the Glera base white wine as happened in previous years) in Puglia and especially in Sicily for white grapes, while in Emilia Romagna for Ancellotta grapes.
It is obviously still too early to have the definitive estimates, which will still be well below the 47.7 million hectoliters forcasted in September.
In any case, it will be a normal crop but with a higher quality than last year


In the light of this situation, there is a good resistance of the red wines with prices also locally increasing.
The situation of white wines is more stable, with a tendency even towards a slight decrease, also faced with the definitely competitive prices of white wines from La Mancha.

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