Harvest 2022: Chile and Argentina

Harvest 2022: Chile and Argentina

Harvest 2022: Chile and Argentina

We report the first data relating to the projection of volumes, prices and forecasts for the 2022 harvest in Chile and Argentina.


Summer started with a very unstable weather, but now temperatures has been fairly stabilized. There wasn’t any particular phenomenon that could affect significantly  the grapes quality or volumes, so a harvest with volumes within normal is expected.
White grapes prices are higher than red grapes, due actual zero stock of white wine in the Chilean market.
In regards to red wines, there is a good stock, and prices are pretty stable.We hope that due to the current political instability that the country is experiencing, the value of the Chilean peso against the dollar does not continue to depreciate. Theme that also favors exporters, and that could lead to a small drop in wine prices; especially bulk.

Bulk wine prices
  • Sauvignon Blanc                USD  1.10 – 1.35         stable trend / tendance stable
  • Chardonnay                        USD  1.00 – 1.25         stable trend / tendance stable
  • Merlot                                   USD 0.75-0.90             stable trend / tendance stable
  • Cabernet Sauvignon          USD 0.70-0.85             flexi trend / tendance fléxible
  • Carmenere                           USD 0.80-0.95             stable trend / tendance stable
  • Pinot Noir                             USD 1.00-1.40             stable trend / tendance stable
    (Prezzi FOB Chilean port)

First comments says that this will be a bit below normal 2022 harvest in Argentina.
We faces some rains at the beginning of the summer, but things become better finally with a more dry season.
Grapes volumes will be normal in general, but with some areas with lower production as Uco Valley, and other areas affected by hail storms. But in general everything shows around normal year tendency at this stage.
Grape prices shows an increase tendency due whites wines shortage (offer/demand) and economy inflation. There is no firm prices for 2022 wines (a usual) until all grapes will be finally at the cellar.
Actually there is a good stock of Malbec, not much Cabernet, neither Syrah and nonstock of whites wines. Then, we need to wait until 2022 whites wines will be ready for start talking about firm sales prices.

Bulk wine prices
  • Dry White                               USD 0,70 – 0,80        stable trend / tendance stable
  • Muscat                                USD 0,75 –  0,85       small increase trend  / tendance à une légère augmentation
  • Torrontes                                USD 0,75 – 0,85        small increase trend / tendance à une légère augmentation 
  • Chardonnay                            USD 1,20 – 1,30        increase trend / tendance en augmentation
  • Dry Red                                    USD 0,80 – 0,90        stable trend / tendance stable
  • Cabernet Sauvignon              USD 1,00 – 1,10        stable trend / tendance stable
  • Syrah                                         USD 0,90 – 1,00        stable trend / tendance stable
  • Malbec                                       USD 0,95 – 1,10         stable trend / tendance stable
    (Prezzi FOB Chilean port)

Best regards, Carlo Miravalle – Miravalle 1926