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RUSSIAN VODKA " Tovaritch Vodka "


Product: Vodka Tovaritch, 100 % grain alcohol, 100 % of Russian origin, produced and bottled near Moscow.

Bottles: 0.7 L, 0.75 L, 1.0 L

Alcohol decree: 37.5% et 40% alc/vol.

Producer: Distillery VITO, city of Lythkarino, under the licence of Eugenio Litta, owner of the TM.

Bottling capacity: up to 25.000 bottle/day.

Vodka Tovaritch is produced since 1999 in the Moscow region in Vito plant under the coordination of Eugenio Litta, the first Italian to produce an original and genuine vodka in Russia.

Tovaritch vodka is delicate, transparent and pure. 

It is produced from selected grain, by tripple rectification and mixed with pure source water.

Tastewise, it can be compared to traditional Russian vodkas such as Stolychnaya and Moskovkaya. However, Tovaritch vodka, due to the engraved Mayakovksy style on the bottle can be easily memorized by the consumers.