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WHO ARE WE ? (wine brokers)


MIRAVALLE 1926 boasts of over 90 years' tradition and experience in the sale of wines, alcohol, grape must concentrate, grape juice concentrate, grape marc spirits, distillates and brandy, tartaric acid.


Enrico            Miranda            Piero            Carlo   


MIRAVALLE 1926 proposes technical solutions, solves transport and logistics problems all over the world.

Furthermore, we propose good-quality products at a competitive cost, since we have contacts in the greatest wine regions and areas in the world.
To complete all the various activities of the sector, MIRAVALLE 1926 offers its experience in the technological sector for the planning, the construction and the technical assistance for bottling lines, spirits, sparkling, drinks, water and so on.
We supply all the suitable raw materials such as bottles, labels, corks, aromatic extrats, zinc wire-hoods, big capsules and so on.


Our Staff:


Serena and Erika

Laura and Paola