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MIRAVALLE 1926 is  specialized in the sale of grape must concentrate, rectified grape must concentrate, white, red and  dark  red  grape  juice  concentrates (the dark red ones are obtained from LANCELLOTTA  vine grapes, which are the darkest that you can find on the world-wide market).

We  would  like  to  enhance  the  importance  of  varietal  must  concentrates  which are  obtained   from   100%   single   vine   varietis   such  as   MERLOT,   CABERNET, SAUVIGNON,   MUSCAT,  CHARDONNAY  and  many  others.

DELIVERY : in drums, foodstuffs tanks and flexi-tanks.

USE:  These products have different applications such as increasing the deegres of must, sweetening  of  peculiar  dry  wines,  refermentation  to obtain table wines and they can furthermore  be  used  by foodstuffs  industries  to  make jams, fruit-juice, yoghourt and others.